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Fixing Nuts and Bolts

1. Fully tighten nuts and bolts
2. Check the tightness of the nuts and bolts at regular intervals
Driving style

1. Drive slowly
2. Keep the OP® crates around 10 cm above the floor while driving
3. Do not brake suddenly or sharply
4. Turn corners gently
5. Do not make any abrupt movements
6. Do not lift or put down the OP® crates while driving
Stacking OP® crates

1. Place the OP® crates straight on the forks
2. Drive straight up to the stack of OP® crates
3. Lift OP® crates gently
4. Tilt the forks backwards
5. Drive up to the stack
6. Interlock the front legs
7. Engage the back legs by levelling the forks
8. Align the forks horizontally
9. Drive out

Lifting OP® crates

1. Drive straight up to the stack of OP® crates
2. Tilt the forks slightly forward
3. Put the forks in between bottles
4. Tilt the forks backwards
5. Lift the OP® crates
6. Drive out
Stacking Heights

1. Stack up to 12 high (96 bottles) with full bottles
2. Stack up to 20 high (160 bottles) with empty bottles
3. Stack up to 6 high (48 bottles) while driving with full bottles


1. Use forks with a thickness of approximately 4 cm
2. If the OP® crates are only lifted from the front or rear,
    forks of 1 metre are optimal
3. Preferably use a forklift with side shift
4. These stacking hights are for internal storage. In case
    of wind, be careful with stacking empty crates outside     your warehouse.

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