When weight limits apply, the flexibility of the OP crate makes it possible to bring back more empties
in one truck than full bottles delivered. Thus, optimal use can be made of the available space. The dimensions of two clustered OP crates are the same as those of an ordinary pallet (120 cm x 100 cm). Because of standard dimensions, they are suitable for an automated production process which makes use of robots or rack loaders. The low rear side also facilitates automatic unloading. Thanks to the well thought-out design, OP crates are also very suitable for manual loading. OP crates can be transported with either a fork-lift truck or a low hand pallet truck. They can be picked up on four sides and there is sufficient room to slide the forks of the fork-lift
truck between the OP crates. Matching OP pallets can be supplied for applications using a standard
pallet truck.

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